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A.N. Roth Co., Family Owned Since 1866

A.N. Roth Company has been a family owned Louisville business since 1866. Throughout our five-generation history, our commitment to excellent service to the people of Louisville has remained a constant.

Gogi 1055 Korean Barbeque’s Unique Dining Room

Nothing is worse than leaving a restaurant smelling like food. Most of the time, smoke, heat, and intense smells are concentrated near the kitchen. But what if customers are making the food themselves, and cooking stations are scattered throughout the restaurant?

Why You Should Change Your Air Filters When Dirty

It’s been a long, cold winter here in Louisville and Southern Indiana, and our furnaces have been working overtime heating our homes up. An often neglected yet important part of your heating system is your air filter, especially if it’s dirty. Replacing and keeping your air filter clean is one of the simplest steps in keeping your heating costs down during the cold winter months, for a couple of reasons.

Summer Proofing Your Air Conditioner

We’ve finally started to feel some warmth in Louisville and Southern Indiana, and that means it’s time to start cranking up our air conditioning units and blasting some cool air in our homes. But before you go and lower that thermostat, there’s a few things you can do before hand to ensure you have a trouble free summer, and prevent yourself from having an air conditioner on the fritz in the dead heat of summer.

Troubleshooting: Noisy AC Unit

It’s the time of year when everyone in Southern Indiana and Louisville begins to start firing up their air conditioner units in preparation for another sweltering summer. But, what do you do when you get the air conditioner going and are greeted with a strange noise instead of a pleasant hum of a healthy air conditioner? Here are a few examples and tips for what to do when noise arises from your AC.

Keep Your Ducts Clean This Summer!

Ducts are arguably the most neglected part of your heating and cooling system in your home. It’s where crumbs, fingernails, crayons, and other debris go to die, seemingly, and you just never really think to clean and maintain them compared to the more obvious components of your heating and cooling system. Dirty ducts can have a number of impacts beyond just circulating that crumb/nail/crayon/crud mixture into the air in your house though.