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What Is Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is a more comfortable way to heat your home. Most radiant heat systems are underfloor systems meaning either hot-water tubes or electric wires are installed below the floor. This heating method eliminates uncomfortably cold floors, cold patches, and uneven temperatures.


Inc.credible Awards

A.N. Roth Heating and Cooling Named 2020 Inc.credible Awards Finalist A.N. Roth Heating and Cooling was named a finalist for Greater Louisville Inc’s (GLI) 2020 Inc.credible Awards in the Small Business of the Year category. The 20th annual awards, presented by NuLease Medical Solutions, celebrate greater Louisville’s small businesses’ accomplishments and contributions to the community. […]

Fall HVAC Energy Saving Tips

Did you know that nearly half of your home’s energy usage throughout the year can be attributed to heating and cooling? During the fall, energy bills may be low as you enjoy open windows and fresh, crisp air. However, it generally costs more to heat a home than it does to cool it, which means […]

A.N. Roth Co., Family Owned Since 1866

A.N. Roth Company has been a family owned Louisville business since 1866. Throughout our five-generation history, our commitment to excellent service to the people of Louisville has remained a constant.

Gogi 1055 Korean Barbeque’s Unique Dining Room

Nothing is worse than leaving a restaurant smelling like food. Most of the time, smoke, heat, and intense smells are concentrated near the kitchen. But what if customers are making the food themselves, and cooking stations are scattered throughout the restaurant?