It’s the time of year when everyone in Southern Indiana and Louisville begins to start firing up their air conditioner units in preparation for another sweltering summer. But, what do you do when you get the air conditioner going and are greeted with a strange noise instead of a pleasant hum of a healthy air conditioner? Here are a few examples and tips for what to do when noise arises from your AC.

  • Chirping. If the chirping is initially when you start your AC unit back up again, let it run for a little bit, then listen again. If it’s beginning to go away or has gone away, your unit just needed to warm up. If it continues, call A.N. Roth right away, as you likely have a belt or fan in need of replacement.
  • Squealing/Screeching. You most likely have either the outdoor fan or compressor in your unit going out. A.N. Roth can diagnose and determine if your unit is salvageable from one of these two events happening, but you may need a new AC system instead.
  • Rattling. Debris of some sort (stick/toy/etc.) has gotten into the system. Check regularly to ensure that no outside debris has made its way into your air conditioner.
  • Clicking. The relay in your unit is not working properly. This is another case for A.N. Roth technicians to come and check out.

What’s the moral of the story, here? Most of the time, if your unit makes a funky noise, it’s probably time to get in contact with AN Roth, unless it’s chirping or rattling. Make sure your unit purrs like a kitten before it gets hot in Southern Indiana and Louisville this summer!