Keep Your Ducts Clean This Summer!

Ducts are arguably the most neglected part of your heating and cooling system in your home. It’s where crumbs, fingernails, crayons, and other debris go to die, seemingly, and you just never really think to clean and maintain them compared to the more obvious components of your heating and cooling system. Dirty ducts can have a number of impacts beyond just circulating that crumb/nail/crayon/crud mixture into the air in your house though.

  • Extending The Life Of Your System. Think of your ducts as the veins of your AC unit, passing clean hot and cold air all through your house. The longer those ducts stay dirty and neglected, the more likely the dirt and air blockage is going to turn around and damage your system, spelling big repairs that you’ll be responsible for.
  • Cooling Effectiveness. Its summer, and it’s hot, and you want that cold air circulating as fast as possible. With even a thin layer or dirt and debris in the ducts, however, that cold air has to go through all of those particles to get to you, making it take more energy to cool off and take a longer time to actually get cool.
  • Energy Efficiency. Adding to the reduced effectiveness of cooling, by having dirty or blocked ducts, your unit works harder to get your house cool than it would have with clean, clear ducts, increasing your energy bill and making your system work harder, decreasing the lifespan of your unit.

Louisville and Southern Indiana are going to be HOT this summer. Make sure you get those ducts clean and clear to ensure you stay cool all summer long.