A.N. Roth Offers Long-Term Career Opportunities Different From Other HVAC Companies

For those in the HVAC industry, the pandemic did not slow the workload or the need for service. But throughout the pandemic, A.N. Roth stayed the course, steadily serving its loyal customers. They have a business that has stood the test of time; starting in 1866, this family company is now in its fifth generation.

Currently, A.N Roth is hiring. Working at A.N. Roth looks different than other HVAC companies. This is because A.N. Roth is offering not just a job, but a career. And not just a career, but a career lifestyle that is more family-friendly. A.N. Roth views hiring and retention as an investment.  Employees are the heart of an operation and deserve to be valued.

What differentiates A.N. Roth from its peers in the industry?

The answer is their company culture and their core values. Here’s an explanation of what is important to A.N. Roth and why.

  1. Investment in Employee Education and Training – A.N. Roth helps its new technicians get the appropriate education and licensing so that they can master their trade. It also invests in its employee’s continuing education and training. There are always opportunities for advancement in this company.
  1. Sustainable Lifestyle – Unlike many of the other HVAC companies locally, A.N. Roth’s employees have a consistent low-pressure schedule. Work weeks average 40 hours with very little overtime. There is not a high-pressure sales mentality. There are few weekend or night emergencies.
  1. Steady Work – A.N. Roth fosters a culture of consistency with a loyal clientele, both residential and light commercial. Employees have a normal workday schedule, where they arrive at work and receive their schedule.
  1. Highest quality products – A.N. Roth is known for having top of the line products and using innovative technology. Sustainable solutions are a part of this company’s repertoire. For example, they specialize in radiant flooring and hydronics – a most modern option. There will always be a demand for this technology, hence always a steady workload.

The pandemic brought many things to light in regard to careers, work life balance and workplace cultures. What is important is being able to have a career and a life, all while working in an environment that is sustainable to your overall health and welfare. Working at a family company, with a familial atmosphere, is optimal for many.

Benefits are ideal here:

  • Very competitive wages
  • Medical
  • Vacation pay
  • Retirement
  • Company car (for some positions)
  • Steady consistent work schedule
  • Little overtime or weekend work

Please contact A.N. Roth by calling (502) 584-8503 or visit our website to apply here: https://anroth.com/careers/